Sea Lion Rescued By Civilians


SAN FRANCISCO—A displaced sea lion pup was rescued by crews from the Marine Mammal Center and the heroic efforts of a two Good Samaritans.

The juvenile sea lion was first discovered attempting to cross the Great Highway at approximately 7:10 a.m. near Lake Merced. Once discovered, two civilians stopped their vehicles and guided the animal out of harm’s way.

The pup, weighing in at a sleight 28 pounds, was emaciated but bore no serious bodily injury. The pup is one of several that the Marine Mammal Center has rescued in recent weeks, animals that are pre-weaned and abandoned for starvation by their mothers.

It is not known how this pup traveled as far as the Great Highway, however, it is likely that a desperate search for sustenance led the beast into oncoming traffic.

Sea Lion
Pups like this one face starvation if abandoned by their mothers.

The pup, who has been given the name “Percervero,” is currently being properly hydrated and fed. His chances of survival are reportedly high.

Wayward sea lions can be reported to the San Francisco Marine Mammal Center by calling: (415) 289-7325