SAN FRANCISCO—A rescue attempt for two teenage boys that were swept out to sea while playing in the surf at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach has been reportedly called off.

Rescue teams from the U.S. Coast Guard and the San Francisco Fire Department used air, land and sea crews to search the area for almost five hours but failed to find the two 17-year-old boys. Officials have presumed the two teens drowned.

In a report by the SF Gate,  San Francisco Fire Department Spokesman Jonathan Baxter said, “Ocean Beach conditions on a good day are generally enough to pull a grown man into the water.”

According to the report, the boys ran into the surf with three other friends, who were confirmed as males. Those three boys, two 17-year-olds and an 18-year-old, made it back to shore and were taken to UCSF Hospital where they were listed in stable condition.

The search for the two missing swimmers was called off at roughly 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 16 and the search will not continue on Sunday, according to officials. Investigating agencies informed the families of the victims.

“We offered to continue to have a presence,” Baxter said in the report. “But the families were very understanding as to what has likely happened to their children.”

The boys disappeared just off the beach near Lincoln Way, south of the Murphy Windmill and across from Beach Chalet Brewery and Restaurant, said Coast Guard Lt. Marcia Medina. The names of the victims have not been disclosed to the public.