FREMONT—Authorities continue search efforts to locate for a missing 18 year-old woman from Tracy, Jayde Jenkins who was involved in a car accident on Saturday, January 21. Her vehicle collided with a Honda, before swerving and falling into the Alameda County Creek after 10 p.m.

The highway was closed as officials searched for the victim. Officials used drones and helicopters to spot the vehicle. The search became more efficient after a family member of the woman pointed to an “anomaly” – a floating tire in the waters, CBS San Francisco reported. Authorities were able to locate the silver Hyundai the victim was driving, but no body.

The currents in the county creek following excessive rains caused the search efforts to be suspended temporarily. The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement to the press:

“The current weather and water conditions in Alameda Creek are extreme. The water level is abnormally high due to excessive rain and the currents are very dangerous and unpredictable. These conditions have created a serious safety concern for first responders trying to locate the vehicle. It is unsafe for us to enter the water at this time.”

On Tuesday, January 24, the vehicle was recovered from the water completely however the woman driver was still found missing.

“I can’t tell you how disappointed we are right now. We were hopeful we could make the recovery today, said Alameda County Sheriff Sgt. Ray Kelly. After the vehicle was retrieved from the waters, officials discovered no body was inside, but indicated Jenkins seat belt was unbuckled, and windows in the car were broken, indicating the victim attempted to escape, after the crash.