UNITED STATES—There is nothing I dislike more than self-centered or narcissistic individuals. Why? They see aloof to the world that surrounds them. I know a lot of people who are self-centered. The sad situation is they have no idea about how their ignorance to the world surrounding them can impact their lives and the people they interact.

When I think of a self-centered person, I’m thinking of someone who seems to think the world revolves around them. What they want, what they need and when they need it. America, I know someone like that greatly, my brother. To say that this kid is self-centered would be an absolute understatement America and it sucks greatly to the core. Rarely does he clean, rarely does he clean up after himself, he doesn’t pay any household bills and overall he is a lazy piece of you know what.

He’s not a spoiled brat because that would entail him getting whatever he wants when he wants it. My issues is the fact that he has very little to know responsibility and doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal. Dude you’re in your late 20s, you should be ready to pay bills. Hell, you work a full-time job you should be paying bills. Instead all you care about is smoking weed and partying with pals. I cannot recall the last time he was forced to take out the trash, to wash a dish, the clean-up his mess. The kid is useless in the household from what my parents tell me.

Anytime you have a conversation it’s like pulling teeth to get him to discuss anything of importance or substance. It raises a serious question what happened to the generation after millennials. Some seem so absorbed in their selfies, social media status and all things on their cellphone they fail to realize a world does indeed exist outside of their bubble. Is this what society has taught us: it is more important than people know what you posted and when you posted it more than actually doing something in the universe that actually matters?

You can place a large amount of that blame on reality TV where everyone has clamored for some level of fame. Once that little taste of fame has been achieved, the goal to maintain that fame never dissipates they want more and more and more. I don’t get the whole selfie craze. You’re not taking that picture just to take that picture; you want people to see it you want them to acknowledge it and talk about you. Hey people that is self-indulgence that is what people deem narcissism.

Yeah, no one wants to be told they’re a narcissist or self-centered, but when everything you do revolves around you and what you’re doing. What other term would best fit the description. Can you think of one cause if I’m being fully honest I cannot think of one America? Take a second think about the world around you, not everything is about you and what you want all the time. It just gets plain old after a while.

Written By Zoe Mitchell