CALIFORNIA—On Monday, February 9, Republican Senator Brian Dahle announced his bid to unseat incumbent Governor Gavin Newsom.  The non-partisan primary election is June 7 and the General Election will be held on November 8.

Dahle served as on California’s 1st Assembly from 2012-2017 until he joined the legislature. He served on the Lassen County Board of Supervisors for 16 years.

A newsletter published on February 7, 2022 by Senator Dahle, “The Dahle Beacon,” shared the following information below:

“Legislature has wasted no time in pushing bills forward in the new year, some of them aren’t so good for constituents. One such bill, AB 1400, would take away Medicare from seniors, make private insurance illegal, and force Californians to be on government-run health care. Yikes! This shows how out of touch progressives are in California. Over 94% of Californians are covered. Thankfully, this bill failed in Assembly last week.”

Dahle included a list of the 2021 successes which he referred to as, “Team Dahle.”

• 3,639 constituents’ cases were worked on and closed
• 19 bills introduced, four signed into law and four still moving forward
• 32 bills co-authored
• 5,456,656 emails sent out to constituents

Dahle posted video for “Keep California Affordable,” on his website on January 29, where he blamed the mass exodus from California, on the legislators who continues to pass legislature increasing the cost of living for Californians. He noted that there were no more U-hauls available to rent.

In September 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom expanding a pilot program that charges drivers a fee based on the number of miles they drive instead of a gasoline tax.

On December 8, Dahl spoke out against the pilot program that started six years ago voicing his disdain for bill stating that, “Mileage tax hurts rural drivers.”

Senator Dahle and his wife, Megan were with other California officials on November 29, 2021, to survey the damage and threat Mudd Creek debris caused to the McCloud water supply.

According to Ballotpedia there are two other candidates, both Republicans, Laura Smith and Major Williams running in the June 7 election.

Smith announced on her website her campaign would be combatting government corruption, crime, and working on better solutions for: infrastructure, jobs, education, veterans and homelessness.

Williams promises on his website to: ban vaccine passports, prohibit indefinite lockdowns, end local restrictions on small businesses, and bolster future preparedness for future health emergencies.