HOLLYWOOD—Kareem came face-to-face with Hunter Franklin, the President of the United States, and the same guy who made moves Sharon on “The Oval.” This week’s episode, ‘The Hornet’s Nest’ witnessed Hunter continue to puff his chest as if he’s untouchable people, but guess what, he is NOT. Hunter trying to act hard is really a bit much.

Nothing is more annoying when a character attempts to be someone that the audience knows they are not. There are villains you want to get a comeuppance simply because of their bad deeds. Then at the same time, there are villains who deserve their comeuppance simply because they’re a**holes. Hunter Franklin, Victoria Franklin and Donald all fall into that category. These are villains who are not root-able in the least sense and as a spectator they are not likeable in the least bit.

Nancy tried to encourage Sam not to stop fighting to win Priscilla back, but I sense this is a woman scorned who will NOT forgive so easily people. Just then, Priscilla stopped by and it was a tense scene, just as Bobby did his best to break through to Lilly who was struggling on a psychological level. She did NOT want to be a victim anymore, she wanted to reclaim her life. It started with a phone call Lilly made to Donald making it crystal clear that she planned to kill him, but she wanted to file for a divorce first. Donald’s not happy because his little secret is about to blow up in his face.

Bobby how can you be this stupid to allow Lilly to call Donald with a phone that you think cannot be traced. It was funny to see Max call Bobby out on his thoughts. Donald was all giggles and laughs, but when Lilly issued that threat it became clear when questions were posed about Kyle, Donald got unnerved. Victoria was not happy that Hunter was ignoring threats and the impending danger of the Vice President Eli and his wife Simone. Victoria demanded Simone pay her a visit, but the Second First Lady was not buying the wicked woman’s veiled threats. Does Victoria actually have anything on Simone? Maybe, maybe not. Eli warned his wife not to go, but Simone decided to play ball with Victoria and things can get nasty people.

Sharon and Dale realized something was wrong when Kareem didn’t show up, and they headed to the pharmacy to get answers. Is Allan hitting on Donald because it certainly feels like it? I hence this is the angle he is utilizing to try to get to the bottom of what Victoria did to Ellie. Donald questioned Allan’s behavior which was a bit all over the place.

Eli had a conversation with Sam where questions about his safety came into play. Eli was worried about his kids’ safety, just as questions about Kyle being held captive and what the blowback could be. At least Eli was being honest, and with Sam watching out for Simone I feel a bit better people. Allan found himself questioned by Alonzo who thought he might have snuck ‘something’ into The White House without anyone knowing. Max warned Sam that Kyle will be vindictive and go after the people that matter most in his life. Max has a point Sam, you might want to think about it buddy.

Kyle is still issuing threats and putting out there that Donald is a major threat; that information is only going to sink Donald, yourself and everyone else that the dirty administration has been up to. Sam wanted answers, but Kyle refused to answer. As Max pointed out, Kyle issued a threat against Priscilla and it perked up Sam whose dark side we might see emerge.

The final moments of the episode saw Sharon and Dale arrive at the pharmacy and worried sick about Kareem. Sharon thought about going to the police, but Dale warned her it’s not a wise idea, and he is right. Hunter showed up at the pharmacy and Sharon was NOT pleased to see him at all.

Simone and Victoria go to war, Max, Lilly and Bobby were making a plan to go after Kyle and Allan was ready to make his move against Hunter. That’s everything we can expect next week, and each week I get more intrigued to find out how things will unfold people. Until next week “The Oval” fanatics!