SAN FRANCISCO—The Creamery, a popular hub for tech meetings, will close permanently on August 14 due to an expiring lease, and financial troubles from the pandemic. Located in San Francisco’s SoMa district, The Creamery has been open for 12 years, during which time it has become a popular location for tech workers and venture capital investors to gather for meetings.

The Creamery is “a unique SoMa bistro, coffee shop and full bar”, states a description on their website. Located across the street from the 4th and King Caltrain Station, the business has remained open everyday all week, and offers classic American fare such as BLT sandwiches, burgers, cob salads and breakfast sandwiches. They also offered a wide selection of coffee, tee and alcoholic beverages.

Ryan Lawler, Head of Content at Samsung NEXT, tweeted about the closure, saying:

“Hey I’ve got some sad news. The Creamery is closing this weekend. In short the owner still has rent and back costs to pay and business has been very slow with Covid. Personally I’m thankful the owner and team toughed it out so long during the crisis. I’ve loved breakfasts there in the patio and sunshine the last decade+ and will really miss this place”