SAN FRANCISCO—On Tuesday, June 2, GrubMarket, a San Francisco-based farm-to-table food delivery service, officially acquired Hung San Foods, a family-owned food supplier for supermarkets, restaurants, and other clients in Seattle, Washington.

This is GrubMarket’s sixth acquisition in the past six months. On April 1, the company bought Boston Organics, a farm-to-table online grocery service that delivers to residents throughout Massachusetts. On February 4, it acquired Organic Harvest Network, a service that, since 1988, has been matching organic family farms with consumers who can buy directly from the grower. On January 9, the company bought EJ Food Distributor as well as Eating with the Seasons, both serving the Bay Area. On December 4, 2019, GrubMarket announced its acquisition of Doorganics, a farm-to-table deliverer in Michigan.

These new purchases are a part of GrubMarket’s 2020 plan to continue expanding its customer base nationwide and “disrupt the food industry,” as stated on its CEO’s LinkedIn page. While GrubMarket will now have access to a Seattle consumer base, Hung San Foods will now be able to use GrubMarket’s supply chain and food delivery software.

GrubMarket, whose office is located on Jerrold Avenue, was founded in 2014 by Mike Xu, the current CEO. According to its website, while putting an emphasis on locally-sourced food, GrubMarket also strives for affordability by offering “farm-fresh foods at prices that are up to 50% OFF what you’d typically find at other grocers.”

Hung San Foods began in 1995 and is currently run by CEO Hung Tan. It supplies produce for a variety of accounts throughout the Seattle area.

Among all of GrubMarket’s recent acquisitions, Hung San Foods is the company’s first purchase in the Pacific Northwest. Hung San Foods will continue to be run under its current management and remain Seattle-based.

As Tan said in a press release, “We are excited to join the GrubMarket family and embrace the new growth opportunities that GrubMarket’s technology and network will bring.”