SAN FRANCISCO—In the midst of San Francisco’s new gun control regulations, set forth by City Supervisor Mark Farrell, High Bridge Arms, a local shop that has become the cornerstone of gun enthusiasts in the city, is now closing their doors permanently.

The business shut itself down after the San Francisco Police Department gave them an ultimatum to either provide a videotape of sales, which would include a list of customer’s names, addresses, and birthdays, or close its doors.

The gun shop was originally owned by Mr. Chow. It first opened its doors in the mid-50’s before it was taken over in 1988 by Andy Takahashi. Steve Alcairo, the store’s current general manager claims that it isn’t the guns or the ammunition that are quickly leaving the shelves, it’s the T-shirts that say, “San Francisco’s Last Gun Store,” as reported by NPR.

Although the new regulations, implemented by Mark Farrell, have caused some upset within the community, he holds his own opinions.  “I do believe our city government should be very protective and very restrictive around guns, and I’m not ashamed to say that and won’t back down. So for a store owner to claim that the introduction of this legislation caused the store to close, I would suggest that there are other issues going on,” said Farrell.

California has a long history of gun regulations, the most restrictive in the United States, according to a state-by-state analysis conducted by the Brady Campaign. According to Penal Code 12031, semi-automatic firearms, assault weapons, .50 BMG, caliber rifles and magazines may not be sold in the state. Governor Jerry Brown signed new legislation on October 12 that would ban the right to carry concealed weapons on campuses and universities in the state.

Farrell’s new package of gun control legislation was introduced to the Board of Supervisors in September. The package is set forth to fill in gaps on the federal and state level and by implementing a list of precautions for arms dealers, according to San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors.

High Bridge Arms has not yet confirmed with the San Francisco News the exact date and time of closure.