Guilty Verdict Dealt To Serial Rapist


SAN FRANCISCO—Jeffrey Bugai, of San Francisco, is facing a life sentence in prison after being found guilty of 17 felony charges in a San Francisco Superior Court.

Bugai, 37, is guilty of sexually assaulting five male illegal immigrants while posing as a police officer between 2008 and 2014. Evidence proved that Bugai, who was a licensed security guard, carried out the assaults after luring his male victims to his home.

Buggai faces a life sentence in prison following the guilty verdict.

Some of Bugai’s attacks were carried out at gunpoint. In other assaults, Bugai drugged his victims and then sexually forced himself upon them. Because of the victims’ illegal immigrant status, it was initially difficult to build a case against Buggai.

The 12 person jury found Bugai guilty of multiple charges of sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, sodomy, assault, sexual battery, forcible oral copulation, attempted forcible oral copulation, false imprisonment, extortion, and unlawfully administering a drug.

Bugai will file for an appeal of the sentencing. If the appeal fails, he will be sentenced to a life term on March 6.