SAN FRANCISCO—On Sunday, July 26, the San Francisco Marathon will be celebrating its participation in the USA Track and Field qualifier race for the 2016 Olympic Team Track.

San Francisco Marathon logo.

This is the 38th year of the San Francisco Marathon. Michelle LaFrance, San Francisco Marathon’s director, stated that “it is an honor for San Francisco to be a city where Olympic dreams can be realized.”

The marathon will consist of a 5k run, two half-marathons, a full marathon, and a double marathon. To celebrate the San Francisco Marathon will add new features to its event. The city is trying to garner more support and participation from those not actively involved in the event. I

One of the new features includes a San Francisco Race Weekend app. The app which is now available for immediate download on all iPhone and Android devices will allow people to track the race live, view the leaderboards, contains an interactive map, messaging, and other cool features.

Another new feature that will be debuting at the event is, for the first time ever, online coverage. Anyone can watch the event from the comfort of their home, if they visit this site There will also be a “Finish Line Festival and Beer Garden,” which will be open from 9 a.m. until noon. Anyone is welcome to participate.

Participation in social media is being strongly encouraged by the organizers of the marathon, by using the hashtag @TSFM2015.