Reservoir Okay Despite Scandal


SAN FRANCISCO—Martin Sanchez, a San Francisco City Water Manager is facing a suspension without pay after he was caught urinating in a reservoir that serves thousands of Bay Area homes.

The incident took place on January 6 at the Priest Reservoir in the Sierra Foothills.

According to PUC officials, no contamination occurred as a result of Sanchez’s urination.

Sanchez, an employee of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, is likely to receive a five-day suspension for the indiscretion. An anonymous insider complained in a private report to the San Francisco Chronicle that employees had seen Sanchez urinating on several occasions in the reservoir.

According to a PUC spokesperson, the reservoir had been drained at the time, therefore posing no health danger to citizens.

Spokesperson Tyrone Jue made it clear that should Sanchez repeat the mistake, his position with the PUC would be immediately terminated.