SF Philanthropist Launches Anti-Homelessness Campaign

Philanthropist and CEO of Tipping Point Community, Daniel Lurie, begins anti-homelessness campaign to encourage community engagement.

SAN FRANCISCO—Philanthropist, Daniel Lurie, has created a public engagement campaign called “All In” to work towards aiding the homelessness epidemic and to support funding homes for 1,100 people in the Bay Area.

Lurie, founder of Tipping Point Community, a non-profit organization that researches and funds anti-poverty programs, raised $100 million in the span of two years to prepare for this campaign. The end goal is to find or build housing for 1,100 individuals by the year 2020.

The campaign is being backed by the San Francisco Giants, the San Francisco 49ers, Airbnb, Google, Potmates, and other nonprofit organizations and businesses around the Bay Area.

Lurie stated in the campaign’s press release: “I was born and raised in San Francisco, and I know that our dynamic city has what it takes to create homes everywhere they are needed. Every neighborhood, every single person, and every industry and company has a role to play.”

The campaign will encourage communities to show their support concerning new housing for homeless individuals by signing a pledge instead of protesting anti-homeless projects. According to KTVU, Lurie has stated that there is available land to build upon. Landlords are willing to rent to individuals wanting to move out of homelessness through the form of vouchers, but there is still a lot of support needed and work to be done.

The “All In” mission statement reads: “Homelessness is on the rise in San Francisco and across the Bay Area. Now is the time to act. We know what works. Homes and an array of supportive services, from behavioral health supports to job training, help move people from homelessness to stable and healthy lives. But, we can only secure homes and services with organized and vocal support from people like you.”

To learn more about the community-engaged campaign program and to sign the pledge, visit https://www.sfallin.org/.