SAN FRANCISCO—Recent stunt driving sideshow events have led to a rise in reckless driving and speed contests in the city of San Francisco. Consequences of illegal sideshows are being re-addressed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors due to last year’s events.

Four illegal stunt driving exhibitions transpired on February 23, 2020 involving 50 to 100 cars. Vehicles were speeding down streets, blocking intersections, and engaging in various tricks and stunts, according to the Board of Supervisors.

Two other sideshow events occurred on August 24, where a driver lost control of the vehicle, and on September 26, 2020, where one man was shot and killed close to the event. Approximately 100 spectators were present during both sideshows. Nearby residents called police in fear of the participants’ safety.

The “Motor Vehicle Stunt Driving” policy includes that the city and county of San Francisco will protect the health and safety of residents by enforcing laws that prohibit reckless driving, speeding contests, and vehicle stunt exhibitions. According to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, officers may impound vehicles that violate this policy.

San Francisco Police Department Commander Dan Perea announced via Twitter that vehicles involved in reckless driving behavior may be impounded up to 30 days. Traffic Company Officers of the Stunt Driving Response Unit seized a car in Oakland for a stunt incident on July 21.

The policy also includes that motorized misconduct in a heavily populated area creates chaos, inconvenience, and fear. The possibility of serious injury or death from motor vehicle stunt driving is also present during these events.