SAN FRANCISCO— Music and Nightlife venues will be receiving a $3 million dollar boost from San Francisco’s Venue Recovery fund created by Supervisor Matt Haney and Mayor London Breed. The initial commitment was planned at $1.5 million but the recent finding of a $125 million dollar surplus in the cities budget has allowed for double that commitment. The money is expected to arrive in April. 

In a statement on Thursday, March 18 Matt Haney stated, “Our nightlife and entertainment venues are an important cornerstone of our city’s economy, and a vital part of our history and culture. Our venues need this money, they need it now, and we need our venues.”

Haney introduced his San Francisco Music and Entertainment Venue Recovery Fund at a special meeting of the Board of Supervisors on December 22, 2020 with it being voted into passing in January. With many businesses struggling over the past year, on Friday, March 12 venues across the city posted “One Year Dark” messages on their marquees and social media to mark the one year anniversary since the COVID-19 restrictions forced venues to shut down across the city. 

“One year ago today we went into a Shelter in Place that, while saving lives, has impacted our city like nothing I’ve ever seen,” stated Mayor London Breed in an official announcement, “our arts and culture sector, which is part of what makes San Francisco so unique, is suffering. While we are working towards our long-term recovery, we know we need this immediate support that will help get our City back on its feet.”

This new $3 million relief goes hand in hand with the business registration fees being waived for businesses most impacted by the Stay at Home order.