SAN FRANCISCO—On Saturday, July 11, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation (SFMTA) announced that they have just started to reroute the 25 Treasure Island for construction on Treasure Island. It is a temporary reroute. The project will affect the Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island neighborhoods.

A statement from the SFMTA indicated that the reroute will be in effect on the inbound to Salesforce Transit Center and outbound to Treasure Island.

“From Avenue H & 9th St, the reroute will continue north on Avenue H to Gateview Ave to Avenue B, right on 9th St, left on Avenue of the Palms to Treasure Island Rd. From Treasure Island Rd, the reroute will continue north to Avenue of the Palms, right on 9th St, right on Avenue M, right on 4th St, right on Avenue H to the terminal at Avenue H & 9th St,” read the statement of Treasure Island Reroute.

25 Treasure Island Reroute and Stop Changes map, from SFMTA website.

SFMTA lists the stops of 25 Treasure Island by direction:
*Inbound to Salesforce Transit Center
-Ave H & 9th St
-Ave H & 13th St
-Gateview & Northpoint
-Gateview & Bayside
-Gateview & Mason
-Ave B & Gateview
-Ave of the Palms & California Ave
-Salesforce Transit Center: Bus Deck (Daytime) Bus Plaza (Evening and Owl)

*Outbound to Treasure Island
-Salesforce Transit Center : Bus Deck (Daytime) Bus Plaza (Evening and Owl)
-Ave of the Palms & California Ave
-9th St & Ave B
-9th St & Ave H
-Ave M & 4th St
-Ave H & 4th St
-Ave H & 9th St

For more details on the reroute project, visit the SFMTA website or call at 415-701-2311.