SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco Police Chief William Scott revealed on Thursday, November 15 that the promotion of three command staff members to new positions within the department. Those individuals include:

-Ann Mannix promoted to Deputy Chief, Field Operations Bureau

-Daryl Fong promoted to Commander, Golden Gate Division

-Catherine McGuire promoted to Executive Director, Strategic Management Bureau

According to a press release from the SFPD, Chief Scott directed the development of a Strategic Management Bureau to drive strategic planning for the Police Department and to oversee the implementation of best practices, Collaborative Reform Initiative recommendations and new technology. The General Crimes Unit, under a newly restructured Investigations Bureau, will further concentrate criminal investigations to better leverage information for coordinated crime fighting strategies.

“SFPD’s top priority is public safety and we’ve made steady progress in driving down our City’s homicide and violent crime rates,” said Chief Scott. “These structural changes will allow us to further enhance our crime prevention and investigative capabilities, continue implementing Collaborative Reform Initiative recommendations and increase trust and collaboration with the communities we serve.”