SAN FRANCISCO—A San Francisco tourist visiting from Thailand was taken to the hospital after two men attacked him around 12:09 p.m., on Tuesday, August 25. 

The suspects have been identified as San Francisco residents Eric Anthony Espanol, 25, and Brian Fox, 24.

According to police reports, the victim had been robbed by the two suspects on Lombard and Jones Street in the North Beach neighborhood. One of the two suspects had approached the victim on foot while he was walking westbound to his tour bus. The suspect then stole the victim’s camera and ran eastbound on Lombard Street. 

Reports stated that the victim attempted to run after the man to retrieve his equipment, and two shots were fired at him by the male suspects. The victim was shot in the upper torso and shoulder region by a second suspect who appeared in a red sedan.

The victim was immediately transported to the San Francisco General Hospital and remains in fair condition. Thai Consulates in Los Angeles, California, have confirmed that the victim was a member of the Thai Air Force and was in the United States for business, but had used the afternoon to go sight-seeing around the city.

According to reports from the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD), while SFPD officers were en route to respond to the shooting, Central Station officers noticed a red car that had been described in the incident driving toward the Bay Bridge. 

A high-speed car chase began across the bridge into Oakland, until the car crashed in front of a house at 1046 60th Street, on the border of Emeryville and Oakland.

The suspects attempted to flee from authorities, but Fox was immediately apprehended. 

The vehicle was later recovered with the assistance of California Highway Patrol, Emeryville, and Oakland police officers.

According to officers, a manhunt ensued for Espanol, and continued for three hours before a canine unit found the suspect in a backyard and bit him.

Both men have been arrested and were booked at the San Francisco County Jail since the incident.

San Francisco Supervisor Julie Christensen stated she is working with “Fisherman’s Wharf, local businesses, and car rental services to encourage tourists to leave valuables out of sight in their vehicles.” SFPD Officers remarked that tourists have not become an increasing target in the city.

Photo courtesy of Julie Christensen @SupeChristensen via Twitter
Photo courtesy of Julie Christensen @SupeChristensen via Twitter