HOLLYWOOD—It was the movie that left people stunned on social media when it debuted on Syfy back in 2013. Yes, I’m talking about “Sharknado.” It was a movie so BAD that it was so good, and I will admit I could NOT take my eyes away from the small screen while watching a group of people battle, sharks that were utilizing a tornado to terrorize people on the west coast. Its 2016, and the latest chapter in the franchise, “Sharknado: The 4th Awakens” has debuted, and what’s the verdict?

Oh, it’s so much fun people; it’s a blast to be honest. This time around Fin (Ian Ziering), whose career was revitalized by his appearance in the franchise, returns after a 5 year hiatus from all things sharks. Well, just when you think everything is ok, the sharks and tornadoes are back to wreck more havoc for Fin, April (Tara Reid) and many celebrity cameos as the sharks invade Las Vegas. Yes, people Vegas; this is so genius, why hadn’t the writers thought of this idea much sooner.

The ability for this flick to parody so many other movies and pop culture icons like “Star Wars” proves why so many people can’t turn away from the franchise. I mean we have Cheryl Tiegs as April’s mother, and even though that last installment saw Reid’ character bite it, it looks like she is back, but in robotic form. The narrative follows Fin heading to Las Vegas for a family trip/reunion. And the government has established new tactics to deal with a sharknado anytime its presence could cause trouble.

Going over the list of cameos is just crazy. I mean we have Carrot Top, Tommy Davidson, The Chippendale Dancers, Wayne Newton, Brandi Glanville, Ericka Girardi, David Hasselhoff, Dr. Drew, Kenya Moore, Steve Guttenberg, the hosts from the TODAY show and so many more.

I mean, the franchise has even implemented product placement. The level of silliness this time around is so silly; I mean you can’t help, but laugh at what has transpired. Gary Busey as Tara Reid’s father was an epic treat. And the evolution of the series has gone from sharknado, to sandnado to bouldernado, I mean what’s next spacenado; let me take that back as that transpired in the previous installment.

After the Las Vegas debacle, the madness moved towards Salt Lake City, and other various regions of the country as a massive sharknado could prove devastating for the United States. We have a bit of a sloppy catch-up narrative involving her reunion with her family who is stunned by her return from beyond the grave. Watching any of the “Sharknado” movies will make one question just what one would consider a truly bad movie.

However, what should be pointed out is that the movie can’t be too bad, if you’re unable to turn away from the TV screen while the flick is watching. We’ve become linked to some of these characters (preferable Fin and April), the others tend to come and go, or the fact that they fail to appear in the latest installment or another actor or actress takes on a role that was portrayed by a previous performer.

While this chapter, isn’t the best in the franchise, fans should prepare for a fifth installment come 2017, as this latest outing makes it very clear that the sharknado chaos has spread overseas, and we have the return of a familiar face that both Fin and April know all too well. Start making those guesses as to what the fifth installment in the franchise will be named?