HOLLYWOOD—Ok, when “Sharknado” first debuted on the SYFY network back in 2013, it was a major hit. It was the talk of the town: a movie so bad that it was utterly impossible to take your eyes away from the screen. It was bad, but it was SO GOOD! Fast-forward to 2017 and we are now on the fifth chapter of the “Sharknado” franchise, “Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.” Yes, “90210” alum Ian Ziering and “American Pie” alum Tara Reid are at the forefront of major drama that circulates (get it) of sharks that unleash havoc on the world courtesy of tornadoes.

This latest installment finds Fin (Ziering) and April (Reid) traveling worldwide with their son Gil in an effort to prevent further sharknados from erupting. What made the first “Sharknado” so entertaining was the level of absolute improbability of such an event transpiring. It was over-the-top, but not so much to the point that you absolutely couldn’t fathom the idea. I mean I could see a tornado explode and have a shark or two trapped inside. With each sequel, it seems the envelope has been pushed too far from the reality to be even entertaining anymore. Sharks swallowing people and they actually live and are rescued courtesy of a chainsaw!

I mean a massive ball of sharks the size of Godzilla tracking through the world destroying everything in its path? Come on, that is just absurd people, and that’s when I started to lose interest. Having an element of plausibility is important, but when you pushed the envelope so far it begins to become silly, you’ve lost me.  After the first sequel, things started to falter in my opinion. The narrative for each flick attempted to outdo the previous chapter and the silliness just loses touch with reality. I’m not complaining about the acting. I expect it to be bad, I mean this is a TV movie on a Cable network like SYFY, it’s not HBO people.

However, what hurts the film a ton for me is the endless cameos. I mean before it was fun to see a celebrity in an unexpected role. Now, the franchise has taken it to a point that any and everyone is doing all in their power to land a part in the franchise. These celeb cameos are not even funny anymore they’re just absurd and just too much. I mean this fifth chapter sees the likes of Porsha Williams, Chris Kattan, Clay Aiken, Olivia Newton-John, Brett Michaels, Charo, Margaret Cho, Fabio, Kathie Lee Gifford, Tony Hawk, Hoda Kotb and Dolph Lundgren to name a few.

I will admit it was fun to see the sharks dismantle everything in their paths on a global scale from England to Egypt to Australia. Who doesn’t want to see epic monuments destroyed as we see time and time again in plenty of science fiction and action films? The flick was trending on social media on Sunday, and if the powers that be, we’ll see “Sharknado 6” unleashed to fans in 2018. The question of the hour is who will return considering this latest chapter seemed to be a bloodbath to say the least.

We’ve gone from west coast to east coast to global, what is next: space? I mean that will indeed take the franchise to uncharted categories and probably lose viewers big time. I think the fact that “Sharknado 5: Global Swarming” attempted to outdo previous chapters in more ways than I can imagine is the reason the franchise is starting to lose steam people. Go back to the basics. Keep it simple, but sprinkle in some celebs, let’s not have every single person possible appear in the movie.