HELLO AMERICA!—The whole world loves Smokey Robinson when he sings, it’s all about love and how to make life smooth and easy.

It’s interesting, when one asks one of Smokey’s fans about his earlier life, where he came from or even where or when his fantastic career began, the only response one gets is MOTOWN! Of course, that’s understandable based on all the promotion and publicity that company received since the early 1950s.

Robinson is one of the wealthiest artists in the entertainment industry with a heavy bank account of over $100 million to allow him to rest comfortably in his beautiful mansion far out in West Los Angeles. His many years as the lead singer with the Miracles resulted in tons of his compositions, songs, media appearances hence, world-wide concert halls around the globe that established Smokey as one of the hottest creative artists in the music world of entertainment.

Most artists would be quite satisfied if they had been fortunate enough to be able to retire after so many years of fame and financial success, but not Smokey. He was constantly looking ahead searching for a new path of creative discoveries, ones which might lead to even greater formidable challenges. The one close friend of many years Leon Isaac Kennedy recognized as a famous radio host in the Midwest, later came to Hollywood and won millions of fans as an actor in such films as “Penitentiary” and “Penitentiary 11.” He also guest staring on numerous dramatic television shows and series let Smokey realize they would be a perfect match in creating something new and exciting outside of the music industry.  Smokey was all for it and a brand new world of exploration opened up.

Leon Isaac Kennedy quickly admitted that working with his old buddy was one of the most exciting journeys he personally had ever experienced.

“After all, we needed to create something unique.  So it actually took two years and serious concentration experimenting on a very special skincare process.  We formed a company involving Smokey, Frances, his wife and myself and we were ready to turn the world upside down.  It was a rocking experience! We came up with the product we call MY GIRL for women and GET READY for men, named after 2 of Smokey’s most famous songs and formulated for the unique needs of pigmented skin, by pedigreed scientific team.”

Smokey Robinson has come a long way from Detroit, Michigan, growing up in a rough neighborhood resulting with his meeting Berry Gordy, king of Motown which years later resulted in Smokey serving as vice president of the famous record company. His writing and producing hits for groups such as The Temptations (“My Girl”) and Mary Wells (“My Guy”) are still performed by millions around the world. He and Leon are excited by the way the world market has opened its door to their skincare creation.  Both Smokey and Leon have made it clear that this is just the beginning!