HOLLYWOOD—It was no secret that mobster Sonny Corinthos was headed down a slippery slope after the ‘death’ of his son Morgan from a car explosion. Yes, Morgan appears dead, and after nearly a month of stretching out the ceremony, the writers on “General Hospital” finally had a funeral service for the impulsive Corinthos child. Why was this funeral unlike any other?

Well, it brought a familiar face back to town in Jasper Jacks. Yep, Jax is back and he has been a shoulder for Carly to lean on. She has been an emotional wreck since grappling with the fact that her youngest son is no longer with her. Well, if she thought bidding farewell to her son would be difficult, she couldn’t have prepared for the confession that Sonny would deliver to the guests: he was responsible for the bomb in Julian’s car that resulted in his son’s demise.

Wait, one second, because Sonny isn’t responsible, but he didn’t know that at the time he made the confession, which left many of the attendees including Carly, Michael and Dante stunned. Yep, Sonny had to outdo his son’s ‘death,’ by deciding to utilize a gun to take his own life. It was a scene of epic proportions which was frustrating to say the least. Why? Well, Nell was well aware of what Sonny was up to, but didn’t divulge those details to Carly.

For a character that audiences is fully aware has an ulterior motive, her undercutting is quite annoying to say the least. If the big secret is that Nell is Carly’s long lost child, this is one hell of a surprise to drop on your mother who is grieving the loss of a child. Cruel, yeah I’d make that argument. Not to mention the fact that she seems to be getting quite close to Michael. It was already suspected once that Michael might have hooked up with a sibling in Kiki, but if Nell is related to Michael, that would be disgusting people.

The big shock of the week came from Jason Morgan, who deciphered what every fan has been screaming for weeks: Sonny was set-up! Yeah, Sonny learned from his partner in crime that the hit he called on Julian was voided well in advance. So start thinking who may be responsible for putting that hit on Julian. I mean if it turns out to be Julian I will admit I will be slightly disappointed because it’s not as shocking as one hoped. Now, if it’s Alexis that is a stunner people!

Oh, we have to chat about Franco and Liz. Perhaps one of the most harrowing and riveting storylines took place almost 20 years ago with the rape of Elizabeth Webber; it was difficult television people. While a face from the past is returning to Liz’s life, but if Franco has anything to do with it, he’s about to silence that threat. Some amazing acting from Rebecca Herbst in recollecting that trauma for her character! It looks like Franco is about to cross back over to the dark side, and to be honest I would totally give him a pass for making Liz’s rapist truly pay the price for the emotional trauma he has caused her.

The other important tale to discuss is the parentage of little Charlotte. Yes, we are well aware that Claudette is the mother, but it has been confirmed that not Nathan, not Griffin, but Valentin is the father of this little tot. Yes, it’s interesting because this was sort of pegged weeks ago, the viewers were just waiting for the bomb to be dropped, and Valentin looks to have sinister plans up his sleeve as its apparent a love-hate relationship has brewed between him and Nina Clay. Yep, looks like Nina might finally be falling in love once and for all. Too bad it looks like Anna is driven to uncovering all the secrets that Valentin might be hiding, but at what cost?

So now that we know Sonny isn’t responsible for Morgan’s death, how long before the big revelation occurs before viewers discover who the culprit is? More important, when will the back from the dead Morgan resurface in Port Charles? Time will indeed tell “GH” lovers!