LOS ANGELES—This year marks the 15th annual South East European Film Festival (SEEfest). The festival, which started in 2006, presents a variety of feature, short, and documentary films.

On Wednesday, July 29, the festival announced that “due to extraordinary circumstances brought on by covid-19 pandemic, the festival will have an extended run, online only, from June 24 – August 16.”

Founder and Director of SEEfest Vera Mijojlic reported to PR Newswire that, “After months of incredible work by our very own dream team, we were able to pivot with online festival.”

This decision comes at a time when the global pandemic forced many festivals to postpone or cancel. The day before the announcement on July 28, The Guardian reported that the Venice Film Festival would become the “first major film festival to return after coronavirus lockdown.” It was reported that Venice would hold outdoor screenings and put in place social distancing protocols.

“It was truly a heroic effort. SEEfest has not only kept up its programming, but managed to produce the full-scale online festival that we can be proud of,” said Mijojlic

SEEfest carries the mission to educate about, and promote cultural diversity of, South East Europe through presentations of films and programs. Regions stretch from Austria, Italy, and the Balkan countries to Turkey and the Caucasus.

Sponsors include California Arts Council, HFPA, city of West Hollywood, LA County Arts Commission, and more.

See the festival program for links to all streamed content.