SAN FRANCISCO—On Sunday, October 18, Southwest Airlines reported, via Twitter, a physical confrontation between a woman and a man.

Allegedly, a man choked a women after reclining her seat back on board a flight leaving from LAX to San Francisco International Airport.

A statement released by Southwest Airlines confirms that an “escalating situation” took place.

“Flight #2010 from LAX to San Francisco International airport returned to Los Angeles to allow police access to the cabin because of a rapidly escalating situation involving passengers who were not traveling together.”

Although a motive has not yet been confirmed, various news sources claim witnesses stated that the man had choked the woman after she reclined her seat.

Canyon News reached out to the Federal Bureau Investigation and according to data, one passenger has been detained as a result of the assault. No information is yet available as to the exact time that the incident occurred, but other passengers were directed to board the next flight to San Francisco shortly after midnight.

Canyon News also reached out to Los Angeles Police Department, The Federal Aviation Association and Southwest Airlines for comment, but no additional information was provided regarding the parties involved in the incident.