SAN FRANCISCO—On Sunday, October 18, Jeremiah Kaylor, 39, was taken into police custody after it was discovered that he was selling expensive art out of a mansion that he was squatting in.

Police were called to the $17.9 million home at the 3800 block of Washington Street on October 17, after 11 p.m. Neighbors reported some suspicious activity occurring in the home. Police found Kaylor inside the home where he produced false documents supporting his claim that he was in the process of purchasing the mansion. Police left Kaylor at the residence when it appeared everything was in proper order.

On Sunday, after 5 p.m., authorities were again summoned to the home, by a real estate agent who was overseeing the sale of the mansion. It was discovered that the mansion had been vacant for years and it is unclear as to who had owned the mansion previously. The mansion was being sold because the previous owners declared bankruptcy and could no longer afford to keep the property.

Kaylor managed to sell 11 pieces of art that were worth more than $300,000. It was discovered that Kaylor had been selling the art below its worth on social media sites and to local pawn shops. He transported the art by using a moving truck and told people that he was just moving some items that belonged to him. Authorities have managed to recover nine pieces of art, but two pieces are still unaccounted for.

Authorities have not released any information regarding who owns the art. The case is still under investigation by authorities.

Kaylor was charged with trespassing and 10 counts of burglary.