UNITED STATES—This has been something that has annoyed me for weeks. The space wars between billionaires Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson and a host of others. I mean trying to travel to space before the other and how it was televised and some major event that everyone in America had to know all about. Guess what America? I don’t care a single bit about people traveling into space, especially billionaires. That is what we have astronauts for.

Hell, both Bezos and Branson went up and came right back down. Please tell me what is so fascinating and amazing about that. They exited Earth’s atmosphere and then turned right back around and came back to Earth. What the hell type of bragging rights is that? You went to space, big deal, but did you really go to space? Did you really travel outside Earth’s atmosphere all that much? In my honest opinion, no, you did not.

Making matters worse was Bezos’ tone deaf statement about thanking his Amazon workers and all the Amazon customers for paying for the trip. I don’t know what Bezos was thinking with making that statement, but it was just terrible. It was almost as if he was rubbing it in the face of his workers and the American people, laughing without laughing, almost felt as if he was gloating. You cannot tell people how to spend their money, that is something I fully believe, but at the same time, I don’t get this fascination with everyone wanting to travel to space.

If there is something I believe to be true it is certain places Americans are not made to venture to: space and the depths of the oceans. If we were meant to be venture to such places it would NOT be so difficult for us to explore such regions. The more we keep traveling into space and turning this into some profitable business we’re going to open doors that we will NOT be able to close people. There are other planets are you telling me you don’t think some form of life exists out there? Of course it does, we just haven’t encountered it yet. On top of that, what happens if this notion of space travel explodes and people actually start venturing into space and tragedy transpires?

Yeah, that is a possibly and I’m not sure if that is something that is being fully considered. The same with the depths of the waters people; we just cannot go to the very bottom of the ocean floor. If we could don’t you think we would have already done that? Yeah, there is a reason why, it is not meant to transpire so stop attempting to explore regions that you’re not supposed to. There is so much more work to be done on Earth, the ground that we walk on. How about the millionaires and billionaires use those funds for such work?

All I know is this who got to space first, who is going to space and how long they were in space wars is utter nonsense. It is NOT as important as you think it is and Americans need to realize that.

Written By Jason Jones