HOLLYWOOD—Fractures are happening people in the “Big Brother 23” home. After a first week that was chaotic thanks to Frenchie, the second week saw that HOH get the boot. Yup, Frenchie was evicted by a vote of 11-1 with Derek F being the sole vote for his pal. Xavier is the new HOH! He didn’t look like he wanted to win, but this is historic, this is the first time in BB history that two African-American males have won HOH back-to-back people. However, the plan was put into motion to get another meathead out of the game, this time in Brent. Here’s the thing, I think the teams twist is a nice idea, but if you’re going to implement such a plan it’s NOT a bad idea to throw a few hiccups into the mix.

I mean for 2 weeks now, the Wildcard Competition has been a complete bust for viewers, Sarah Beth didn’t use it last week, and this week’s winner Tiffany choose not to use it as well. I know the producers have to be fuming that their little twist is not impacting the game as much. If you have a theme of risk and reward, don’t just offer the reward.

Let it be clear that if you play in the WC competition you’re risking something if you don’t take the offer. Inability to compete in the POV or HOH competition, how about becoming a nominee or losing the opportunity to cast a vote to evict for the week; those are just some incentives to force the person who decides to play in the competition, it is a risk in itself to compete because you may lose something in the process; it’s not a guarantee. The risk and reward theme is not playing out as well, because we’re seeing more reward and a lot less risk people.

However, this week’s WC competition led to some major fireworks. Could The Cookout be dismantled sooner than later? Well, Tiffany goofed and didn’t explain her plans to Azah and Derek F who were livid that Derek X and Tiffany aligned to eliminate Britini from the competition. Britini is becoming annoying again. Look, people get nominated on BB that is the rule of the game. If you don’t want to be nominated win power via HOH or POV. I don’t like that the WC competition is not secret. The houseguests should NOT see the competition. It needs to be like the Safety Suite where everyone has an equal footing to win. Tiffany’s deception led to some tension between Azah and I fear that relationship is fracturing.

Azah is seeing Tiffany looking out for her secret pairs Claire and Derek X more than her. Tiffany has her hand in many cookie jars, so it’s only a matter of time before that is ultimately exposed. Azah sees Britini as one of her pairs if things falter with The Cookout. However, Azah you’re putting too much stock in Britini who is your teammate and that’s it. I mean begging Xavier to nominate you over Britini because she was just on the block is stupid. Britini is NOT loyal, when you have 5 other people (Hannah, Xavier, Tiffany, Kyland and Derek F) willing to protect you. Hmm, 5 over 1 sound like better odds. Tiffany and Kyland were both frustrated with Azah, and she is losing loyal allies if she doesn’t get her head into the game and realize this is NOT a team sport, there is only 1 winner and teams are likely to be over at the end of week 4 or week 5 at the latest.

With that said, Britini and Brent were nominated, Brent baffled by the nomination, while Britini just continued to fume. Oh, Britini, do something or just shut up already. Claire gave insight to the viewers that she knows Tiffany is dangerous. Interesting people, just as Tiffany and Kyland formed a final two. No way Kyland and Tiffany take each other to the end, they know each other is competition. Brent is being completely fooled by the house, as he thinks he has the numbers, but in reality he does not. The guy loves a blindside and is about to be blindsided and has no idea it is going to transpire.

The POV competition consisted of Christian, Xavier, Brent, Derek F, Whitney and Britini and guess who won it: Christian! People in that house don’t seem to realize that Christian has won a lot of competitions. This guy is dangerous and needs to be taken care of sooner than later or major problems will arise for the houseguests later. It does seem like quizzes and memory might be Christian’s weakness so those competitions will indeed come to play at some point, usually later in the game.

The team element is so strong right now I wish a bit of “Survivor” was implement into the mix where there was a swap. Up, your current team is over and a random draw shakes things up. That conspiring to take people out would totally shift because people who were previously aligned are NO LONGER aligned and people who thought they were completely safe might be in danger. I mean, I don’t want to hear a single person again talk about throwing competitions. So many people are doing it it’s frustrating to say the least. Play to win people because you never know when things can change.

The Queens have a grip on the house and made another alliance in addition to the Royal Flush, this one consisting of Derek X, Tiffany, Kyland and Claire. Here’s the problem, viewers don’t want to see a steamroll, even if we like the people in the alliance. So I’m really hoping for a member of the Jokers (Britini, Azah or Big D) or one of the Aces (Hannah or Whitney) to win HOH this week to shake things up. Britini or Azah might be the most interesting because they will indeed target the big alliance, whereas Whitney, I don’t know. I think she would target Alyssa and Christian, but she might be a wildcard and target someone we least expect because she is not gaming as hard, but constantly throwing allies under the bus showing that she is loyal to no one. The problem is she has no one loyal to her either.

I want to see a blow taken to the massive alliance to see some scrambling, but at the moment, Britini, Whitney, Hannah, Azah and Alyssa are all potential targets going into next week, and if being honest the time is now to strike at the Kings and Alyssa or Christian. Based on the previous Wildcard Competitions the stakes are likely to be heighted with this last opportunity for the teams, which I suspect will grant safety at the cost of someone being thrown into the mix for nominations. The house dynamics are constantly changing from week to week and I must say the first 3 weeks of “Big Brother 23” have been more fun than I can imagine.