HOLLYWOOD—I have to say “The Bold and Beautiful” has been one of my favorite soaps in the past year. I mean they have produced the drama in ways that one could only imagine and it has been exceptional to watch things unfold. I mean watching Bill Spencer aka Dollar Bill take a fall courtesy of his son Liam was a hoot, and just when the audience was thoroughly enjoying what transpired, Bill gained the upper hand. Liam was at peace, but that was until Bill decided he was taking the Spectra Fashions building back, no matter what.

Bill was a bit peeved with Liam’s righteousness, so much to the point that Liam decided to implement a sit-in with Sally, Darlita, Saul and Shirley. The sit-in was working well, until Bill decided to send a jolt to the protestors to shake a bit of fear in them. And it worked, as Liam, Sally, Darlita, Saul and Shirley exited the building. Bill was pleased with Justin giving him the go ahead, but that was later retracted, when Justin realized that Sally and Liam weren’t accounted for. Why? They decided to go back into the building and Bill not responding to Justin’s phone calls or text messages chose to send Spectra Fashions crashing to the ground.

It was an epic moment, but the aftermath was even worse people. Steffy was already livid with Liam, but more concerned that her instinct that something could go terribly wrong would not leave her psyche. Now this is where I become super frustrated with Wyatt. This was once a character that seemed to have so much promise, but now it feels like the writers have no idea what to do with the guy. I mean one minute he is canoodling with Steffy, now he’s with Katie and he’s become Bill’s YES man. Wyatt wrong is wrong, and it would be nice to see yourself take a stance on things; I mean you never hold your mother or your father accountable when they do wicked, treacherous things; it’s quite pathetic to say the least America.

Anyways, back to the big disaster of the hour, Bill was left reeling upon discovering that he just turned a building into rubble with his son still inside. It was the first time I can recall ever actually see genuine fear and emotion erupt from Bill spencer. Yeah, he knew he did something terrible and the price to pay me be bigger than his initial torching of the Spectra Fashions building. Why? He blew up a building with two people inside. Now, fans are well aware that Liam and Sally will survive the ordeal, but the fallout from Bill’s decision will have ripple effects. Steffy lashed out at her father-in-law, as did Shirley who made it clear if her granddaughter doesn’t survive Bill better prepare for utter hell. Bill totted himself as a hero for rushing inside the building to rescue Liam and Sally, which I have to say if it wasn’t for Bill, both would have been goners.

However, I think Bill is more concerned with how his ex-wife Brooke, will respond to this madness. I mean she was livid about the fire he started, but the fact that he tore down a building with his son inside left Brooke flabbergasted. Bill did nothing more, but confirm to Brooke she made the right choice is severing ties with him. Katie did her best to talk some sense into Brooke, but sorry Katie is pointless at this point. Good job Bill, gotta say you are just pushing Brooke closer and closer to Ridge each day with your silly antics.

I think the best thing about this storyline is that it’s allowing the audience to see a different side to Liam Spencer; one that is darker, bolder, and vulnerable. I mean the chemistry between him and Sally is palpable. At first I was all for Thomas and Sally, but now that I think about it, Pierson Fode leaving the soap as Thomas Forrester might have turned into storyline gold. During the time of despair, Sally confessed her feelings for Liam and the two shared a passionate kiss.

I mean Golden Boy Liam throwing his marriage to Steffy away for Sally Spectra? Who could have ever expected that America. Not to mention the fact that Steffy will be left reeling when she learns Sally confessed her love to Liam and the two shared a kiss in their time of duress. That changes everything people. I mean we’ve already witnessed the flirtation between Steffy and Bill, but would father really