UNITED STATES—Why do we do it? Why do we have those days where we just spend money knowing we shouldn’t be spending it to begin with? This is slightly different from buyer’s remorse because with that psychology, you initially want the item to begin with. However, to spend just to spend, places you in that situation when you know in your gut that you do NOT need or want, but you purchase the item anyway.

This has happened to me, just this past weekend to be exact. I went into the store, I didn’t really see anything, but for reasons I cannot explain I purchased an item anyway. My gut was telling me just turn right back around and return the item; you know you didn’t want it to begin with. Too bad I didn’t heed my own advice. Now, I have an item that I know I’m going to have to return and I have 30 days to do it.

Yeah, that means gas will be wasted and time will be wasted, if only I would have just stuck with my intuition and told myself: you don’t need it. I think this comes with the engrained notion of all Americans wanting by nature. As long as we live we will always spend money; it’s part of human nature. You see something you get it. You see a sale price and you really get it.

You just happen to be out and about, you feel compelled to purchase something otherwise your outing can be perceived as a waste of time. Yeah, it is quite difficult to explain, but I’m certain many of you have encountered similar situations where money is spent even though you don’t want to. Are we psyching ourselves out? Do we just not care about wasteful money being spent?

I don’t think so, but when we have money we feel the need to spend it much more than to save it. Hence the word save. I’m starting to train my brain to realize if it’s something I DO NOT NEED, there is no reason for me to purchase it. Is it easy? No, without a doubt because resisting temptation is the most difficult thing for Americans. You want it, if you have the funds for it, you purchase it. Look, you are not going to be able by human nature just NOT to buy. This is also not to say don’t go out and about because of fear of spending money because what good will that do you?

Nothing, confront the issue head on and be ok if you visit a retailer or the mall and you leave empty handed. Perhaps that is a sign right there: you’ve taught yourself that if you don’t see anything you like or really need that it’s better to pocket that money and utilize it for something that you really need. There is no need to spend to just spend, when you can save and get something you REALLY WANT!

Written By Kelsey Thomas