HOLLYWOOD—Well, January is not known for having explosive weekend’s at the box-office, but this weekend was a stunner. M. Night Shyamalan latest thriller “Split” rose to the top spot of the box-office with an impressive $40.2 million in revenue. Yep, looks like Shyamalan is back in full force, after having a few box-office bombs in recent years.

Nabbing second place was the return of Vin Diesel to the franchise “XXX” with “XXX: The Return of Xander King” which earned $20 million. No bad for a franchise that has been MIA for nearly 12 years, and nearly 15 years since Diesel last appeared in the series.

Landing in third place was last week’s champion “Hidden Figures” which earned $16.8 million edging itself even closer to the $100 million mark in the domestic box-office. The animated flick “Sing” continues to prove it has legs in multiplexes earning $9 million to solidify its spot in fourth place. Rounding out the top five was the musical “La La Land” which earned $8.4 million. That movie like “Hidden Figures” will likely cross the $100 million mark by the end of the week.

This weekend sees the release of the FINAL installment in the “Resident Evil” franchise, “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.” I honestly thought this series was done like 3 sequels ago, I guess not.