UNITED STATES—I am a super avid sports fan when it comes to playoffs, particularly in the sport of football. Right now, the NFL playoffs this first weekend were epic, with some great games and some upsets along the way. I am a native of Detroit, Michigan, so seeing the Detroit Lions in a playoff game for the first time in nearly 31 years, where they had a victory, oh, it was epic.

However, I first want to talk about the previous week where the Michigan Wolverines won the college football National Championship. I’m a Spartan, so they’re the enemy, but considering the Spartans were not fighting against the Huskies, I had to root for the rival, and it was a victory for the state that everyone indulged in. Flip to the NFL Wild Card games this past weekend. The Texans just dominated against the Cleveland Browns putting a massive spanking on them to advance to the next round where they could end up playing the top-seeded Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson.

On the flipside, the NFL REALLY delivered a blunder with that Peacock only game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins. I don’t want to watch a football game on a streaming service and you should NOT be forced to do so. It should be on network TV and the NFL better get this straight ASAP, but I fear we could be entering a phase where games are dominantly on certain streaming platforms because of money and that is a sad day in the sports arena.

Hell, it was like -20 degrees during that Chiefs playoff game. No way, no absolute way I would have been sitting out to watch a football game in such weather, no matter how much I bundled up. You’re just begging to get frostbite or to catch a cold. Anyway, the Chiefs won and Miami was sent packing. However, Miami had the better record, but the Chiefs were hosting the game. Explain that people? Yeah, the NFL totally has to change things because no way in the world should a team with an inferior record should host a playoff game against a team with a better record.

Then you had the Taylor Swift effect and the NFL. There is just too much. I don’t want to keep seeing Taylor on my screen when I’m trying to watch a football game. It is simply annoying and she’s doing too much. Please take a seat Taylor Swift, your arena is music, not football. Then I wanted to watch that Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers game on Sunday that was epic. The Packers put a hell of a beating on the Cowboys, Jordan Love was incredible and the Cowboys had no chance. I knew it was over after the first half and it only got worse in the second half. The Cowboys tried, but I felt like they choked, and that only worked to the advantage of the Detroit Lions who were playing against the Los Angeles Rams.

This was the movie event of the weekend. You have two players having to play against their former teams. One quarterback won a Super Bowl with his new team, the other was tossed from his former team to a team that had been categorized as the worst team in the league. Yeah, the Detroit Lions have been pummeled for years by the NFL and outsiders. However, we delivered a strong message coming out strong in the first quarter putting on major points and giving the Lions the lead.

This was a close game so much so that in the final eight minutes I stopped watching because I didn’t want to jinx the Lions. I was so anxious I tried to fall the sleep, but I wanted to know if we won or not. Check my phone and boom, by 1-point we held onto our lead sending Matthew Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams back to LA with a 24-23 victory. I heard from so many people and watching the news and seeing fans from Detroit in tears and just cheering on this team who has been through literal hell, break a streak and deliver a playoff win for a city with so much grit, just made me that much prouder to be a native Detroiter.

We are indeed the Sports Capital of the world. We love our sports teams no matter how bad or great they are playing, so to see all this unification and excitement as we go into the Divisional Round next week where we will play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after the Philadelphia Eagles just collapsed during Monday’s game. I couldn’t explain what I watched it was just bad. I cannot explain the energy in words. I’m starting to realize what people mean when they say winning or losing a football game can completely alter your entire day. I’m on cloud nine right now, my energy level is at a 20 and I don’t want to come down from this high anytime soon people.

Written By Davy Jones