UNITED STATES—Goodbye Winter, hello spring! The snow, the bitter cold, those things have now left the atmosphere and we can now usher in those warmer like temperatures. To be honest, I’m a huge lover of nearly every season, but I thoroughly enjoy spring and fall the best. They are those middle ground seasons for those of us who are blessed with the opportunity to have four seasons. Temperatures tend to warm up a bit and it allows for clothing to be worn that has been sheltered away for the past few months.

Pull out those bright pastels, those spring jackets, those shoes that haven’t been worn in quite some time. Yes, I have a ton of jackets that I have been dying to wear and have been limited to wear because of the weather. Well, all of that is about to change. What else makes spring so enjoyable? Outdoor activities! Yes, for those in the Midwest and East coast, the opportunity to get outside and partake in all those things seasonal have come half-circle, yeah, I wanted to pinpoint full-circle, but that would mean summer is here, but it’s not.

Get the rake and be prepared to get rid of that dead grass, power-wash the concrete to get rid of all that dirt and debris on the sidewalk and driveway. Yes, it’s time to get the yard in order as summer inevitably arrives in June. If you take action now on the lawn and your garden, by the time the summer heat and rain arrives your grass will be a luscious green and your garden will be vibrant with produce that will leave you wondering why you ever went to the farmer’s market to begin with.

The amount of sunlight is longer. The sun raises just before 8 a.m. and it doesn’t set until around 8 or 9 p.m.; guess that depends on your location in the United States. I’ve definitely noticed that the longer amount of sunlight we have, more Americans get out more and get their activity level at a feverish pitch which is a good thing. Walking, biking, yoga, running, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer; a ton of sports that really can’t be played outside during the winter months can now be enjoyed by adults and kids alike.

Hey, those kids who have been locked up in their bedrooms playing video games and watching endless hours of television should be kicked out the house to get and remain active. Yes, it sounds slightly harsh, but technology has indeed had a vital impact on our children becoming more sedentary than active. So spring is the perfect time to adjust the body to getting into movement for the next 6-9 months. I mean, you really can remain active outside up till late September, early October.

Spring is also imperative for the dreadful, ‘Spring Cleaning.’ Yes, it’s the time of year that the home undergoes a massive, thorough cleaning that can take hours, days or weeks to fully finish. However, I guess it’s a good thing right? If the house has been collecting all that dirt and dust over the fall and winter months, it’s only fitting to get things completed for the warmer months which are certain to kick off lots of barbeques and parties.

Speaking of barbeque, I love spring because it ushers in those fresh foods that have been dormant; yes, fruits and vegetables are back in full-force. I’m eagerly counting the weeks until the first batch of cherries, apricots and peaches arrive in the supermarkets and at the local farmer’s market. Outdoor cooking and grilling become staples with spring’s arrival because who wants to be cooking indoors when temps are 80 to 90 degrees. Spring is here America, are you ready for all the fun that is about to kick-off?