Stanford Shopping Center Considers Luxury Stores


SAN FRANCISCO—Stanford Shopping Centers mall operator Simon Malls are planning to remove the Macy’s Men store to replace it with two new luxury stores. The Macy’s Men store will combine with the remaining Macy’s department store.

The new luxury stores will be Restoration Hardware and Wilkes Bashford. According to the Palo Alto Daily Post, “Restoration Hardware, a home-furnishings store has plans on designing their own building, with a rooftop restaurant, open rooftop garden and second -floor.”

The decision was in the making for several months by Simon Property Group. This is not the first time that Stanford Shopping Centers has made the decision to renovate their shopping center. In 2018, they replaced Wells Fargo with a Shake Shack. By October 2019, Stanford Shopping Centers will be the new home for Blue Bottle Coffee, which is under construction and will relocate near the clothing store, Jeffrey. Stanford Shopping Center is one of the shopping areas in Palo Alto, California, for students and residents.

The establishment is the home to many stores and franchises that include Abercrombie and Fitch, Gap, Hermes and Chipotle. The shopping center was developed by Stanford University in 1955 and is managed by Simon Property Group.

Stanford Shopping Center Considers Luxury Stores was originally published on San Francisco News