HOLLYWOOD—Was I was left speechless, yet again on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives?” Absolutely! I mean Stefan O. DiMera is on his deathbed after taking a bullet for his mother Vivian after Lani caught her strolling in public. Yes, for those of you in the dark, Kate Roberts awoke from her coma and pointed the finger directly at Vivian who the authorities have been looking for. Lani drew her weapon, Vivian pulled out her gun and before you knew it, Stefan was jumping in the middle of a bullet that caught him right in the throat.

Yes, Gabi was finally at a place of peace in regards to her relationship with Stefan. They hated each other, and that hate turned to lust, which eventually turned into love. Gabi was an utter mess with the thought of losing the potential love of her life because of Lani and some would say its karma for what she did to Julie. Yes, Julie is on her deathbed and if you can’t see the writing on the wall that Stefan’s heart is about to go to Julie, you’re delusional.

This is an interesting narrative pinpoint because Lani will have to deal with the guilt of killing an innocent man, and I can see Gabi wanting vengeance, and we know once Gabi has an idea she goes full throttle and when you throw love into the mix it only makes the situation worse. Why is this more chaotic? Lani is going to have to deal with the threat of Vivian wanting bloody revenge for her son’s demise. This might be the biggest narrative front and center on the soap right now and rightfully so.

Vivian has jetted out of town to stay clear of facing attempted murder charges, but along the way she convinced Eve to stick around and stir up trouble for Jack and Jennifer. Look I like the idea of Jennifer and Eve going to war, but it seems like it has been ongoing for years and at this point it is just tiresome. Another tale that is tiresome is the damsel in distress tale for Ciara Brady. Why? We have once again traveled down this path of Ben trying to be Ciara’s protector. I’m over it; this is exhausting and bland. Either give the characters someone to do or get rid of them.

Someone tried to run Ciara down with a car, and Ben immediately turned his attention to Jordan, his sister. The entire let’s redeem Ben Weston tale might be the worst thing I’ve seen in the soap arena in years. Now Victor, who just wanted Ben dead, is teaming up with him to take out Jordan. Yeah, I’m already over this story and it hasn’t even kicked off yet.

We do have interesting stuff to discuss involving Dr. Rolf and Hope because she appears to be under his spell and not acting herself people. It’s about time the writer’s gave Hope a story, as she hasn’t had one in a while. Brady was dealt the news he hoped to never hear: Kristen is pregnant with his child. Yeah, if you sleep with the villainess there is a chance she might get pregnant and considering how bad Kristen wants a child, she’ll do all to ensure this bundle of joy makes it.

Speaking of babies, Sarah is doing a good job of pulling the ruse over Eric about her impending bundle. Xander has been her rock, but Nicole suspected Sarah was preggers, but Sarah managed to weasel out of that truth. This week, Nicole got that confirmation that Sarah is indeed pregnant and Xander begged her to stay quiet. The question is what will Nicole do with this Intel? Will she keep this massive secret from Eric at Sarah’s request or is she keeping the secret out of fear that she could lose the love of her life? Interesting stuff “Days” fans.