HOLLYWOOD—For those who thought that Thomas Forrester could be redeemed on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” think again. Thomas has not learned one bit from all the shady and dirty dealings he indulged in the past few months. From threatening Flo to causing Emma’s death, to lying to Hope into marrying him, to threatening Douglas and drugging Liam into sleeping with Steffy, this guy is far from redeemable.

He burst right back on the scene, threatening Douglas, getting into a tense argument with Brooke that led to him slapping him, before dropping the bomb on Brooke via Danny that Ridge spent the night with Shauna. Yes, this guy is doing all in his power to sever his father’s relationship with Brooke. Katherine Kelly-Lang has been delivering on the acting front for several weeks giving the audience sensational drama rather it’s with Ridge, Flo, Shauna, Thomas, Bill, Katie or Donna, this woman is a superstar and I hope she gets the recognition she deserves.

Unable to fathom Ridge’s devotion to Thomas, it led to a splinter in the marriage where Ridge moved out and moved in with Steffy. He wanted Steffy to forgive Thomas, but she is a smart one; she refused to forgive her brother for his deception, even though Thomas poured out the waterworks, she was not buying what he was selling. Ridge not everyone is a sucker for Thomas’ so called ‘remorse.’ While you were busy pleading your case WHY he should be forgiven, Thomas was celebrating with Vinny over the fact that he may have ruined your marriage.

This only caused additional strife for Brooke, who in the midst of going toe-to-toe with Shauna for spending the night with Ridge, learned that she is not a kidney match for Katie. Yes, it was indeed devastating news for the Logan family in addition to Bill and Katie. Katie was fearful at the thought of dying, but here comes a knight in shining armor? Yes, you guessed it Flo Fulton. She is Storm’s daughter people, and Shauna encouraged her daughter to be tested to give her an invitation back into the Logan clan.

Shauna was thinking dollar signs, but Flo was thinking redemption. How so? She had no intention of revealing her role in saving Katie’s life, oh how noble? Yes, this woman partakes in stealing a baby, but the writers hope to completely redeem her by having her donate a kidney to her dying aunt. Yes, I can see Katie, Donna, Ridge, Eric, Quinn and Wyatt being grateful and forgiving to Flo for her gift, but don’t expect Brooke, Bill, Hope or Liam to forgive that easily.

They’re all aware Flo’s gratitude is a way to save face with the family, and you can’t expect Hope and Liam to forgive this woman for the deception that cost them precious time with their daughter. We’ll see how this plays out, but I’m certain this will reopen the doors for Wyatt and Flo to rekindle their relationship, leaving Sally out in the cold yet again, which is a major bummer.

We’re nearing November sweeps, which tells me something huge will transpire involving Thomas Forrester that changes EVERYTHING as we know it. Something big is brewing and it seems to have Douglas at the catalyst as the fight for his safety rears its ugly head America.