HOLLYWOOD—This might sound bad, but I’ve been waiting months for Steffy Forrester to be forced to face the music about her actions on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I mean her cousin Aly was killed when the two got into a scuffle, and it was as if Aly’s death barely mattered to anyone. That death resulted in a rift between Ivy and Steffy who have been bickering for weeks.

When suave Thomas made the moves on Ivy, it became that golden opportunity for Steffy to have a bit of leverage over her cousin. She blurted out the truth to Wyatt, which resulted in fallout and a confrontation that caused a shocking resulted. Ivy was electrocuted when Steffy pushed her back to a sparked wire. The vixen was a complete mess, and Liam came to question if his fiancé had more of a role in Ivy’s accident that she was willing to reveal.

To make matters worse, the accident has caused a rift between Liam and Steffy, just as Wyatt finally decided to put some heat on Thomas for being at the center of the chaos. Thomas also was forced to take heat from Caroline and Ridge who are now very clear with their mission to keep him from learning the truth about being a father. If his behavior is any indication, Thomas is nowhere near ready to take on the responsibility of being a father. Ridge is on the cusp of blurting out the truth to his son, but Caroline manages to keep Ridge from telling the whole dirty truth.

Ivy delivered a blow to Steffy that left her reeling: a restraining order. Yep, Steffy has to stay away from Ivy and to make matters worse: she can’t even go to Forrester Creations. We can’t forget about the happenings taking place with Nicole, Zende, Maya and Rick. Nicole is beginning to feel the effects of carrying a baby. Zende is starting to see his relationship falter, while Maya and Rick are beginning to feel a bit guilty about the situation.

There is indeed a new face in town, her name is Sasha, and she’s a face from Nicole’s past. Hmm, this Sasha is someone who Julius is no fan of. Looks like Sasha is a lady who plans to make Julius’ life a living hell. Finally, dear ole dad has met someone who is going to be a thorn in his side. She has a secret she is holding over Julius, and my suspicion tells me that Sasha is his daughter or he slept with her!

Why does my instinct tell me Sasha will soon make the moves on Zende causing a major rift in his relationship with Nicole? Which means Maya will have to go toe-to-toe with this face from the past, and Nicole might unleash that sinister side that erupted when she first arrived in town months ago.

If fans of “The Bold and the Beautiful” never expected this to happen, well this week it did: Steffy Forrester was arrested after another confrontation with Ivy resulted in the Australian falling and hitting her head. Hey, Steffy do yourself a favor, just stay as far away from Ivy as you possibly can. Looks like we know which storylines will shape up the first portion of 2016 on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”