HELLO AMERICA!—The CBS television tribute to musician Stevie Wonder was very special and extremely moving. Some of the biggest names in rock ‘n’ roll, pop and jazz headlined the show. Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett, Paul McCartney, Jennifer Hudson were all class acts worthy of viewer applause. Of course, to close out the show, Wonder performed with the kind of energy and power that he was so recognized for during his developing years as a Motown artist. The music had even more meaning and dimension possibly because so much has happened since he was that little kid making his debut on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Stevie made it quite clear that he has just begun to create the music which stems from his heart and soul. He continuously reminds people that love conquers all things and we should offer up understanding and sensitivity to all types of people, no matter the religion, race or nationality. “Life would turn out being so much better for all of us,” he said. “We shouldn’t be afraid to love and allow people to see and feel the goodness that we all have to offer. We have the power to make things better, if only we close our eyes to the dark side of our nature. Then the music we hear would have a greater and a deeper meaning.”

The “Celebrity Apprentice” finale show had Leeza Gibbons and Geraldo Rivera as opposing finalists who kept us all lingering in suspense. Both of these personalities are already recognized as respected and smart news people. If by chance one had forgotten, Geraldo quickly reminded everyone of his history in the news department. To understand why the winner was selected as this season’s “apprentice,” Donald Trump had every move the two challenger’s made on video. We were able to observe Rivera’s manner when working with his team which was an eye-opener to a Geraldo we never encountered previously. He was controlling, temperamental and at times rude to those who had other ideas in which to create a sound “commercial” project.

Leeza proved to be a very subtle and clever challenger to Rivera. Her way of working with her team was based on listening, sharing ideas and allowing others to take full responsibility for an important facet of the project. As a result the general temperament was cordial, honest and the team represented the kind of harmony which breeds a final positive conclusion. It was obvious the affect this had on Trump who seemed quite taken with what he observed on the two videos offered. As a result, he decided to name the “Celebrity Apprentice” of the year to Leeza.

To let you know that I was not only watching what Leeza and Geraldo was doing, I also had my eyes on Kenya Moore and Vivica A. Fox who made it quite clear they still can’t stand each other. Again, Vivica accused Kanya of stealing her cell phone and pointed a finger at the model and yelled, “When you start waving your arms all over the place, it only means that you are lying, and that’s it!” Well America, Trump announced that NBC has ordered another season of the hit series. Do you think he should thank Vivica and Kenya for their outrageous contributions?