SAN FRANCISCO—Stonestown Galleria will soon evolve from just a shopping mall into a new neighborhood if a new proposal is agreed upon. As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, a new proposal made by owners on Thursday, March 25, redesigns the shopping mall into the center of a possible housing site and several other changes. The development planning is estimated to take two years before any construction takes place, and is being lead by SITELAB Urban Studio. 

Owners of the property, Brookfield Properties, plan to develop the 30 of Stonestown’s 42 acres covered by the shopping mall’s parking lots into 2,900 housing units in 15 residential buildings. Some of the buildings will be built near the southside of San Francisco State University. There will also be development of 6 acres of green spaces connecting to Rolph Nicol Park along with 20th Avenue being rebuilt into a new “main street” lined with shops, restaurants, and residential buildings.  

District 7 Supervisor, Myrna Melgar told the SF Chronicle, “As always, the devil is in the details, but this plan preserves the mall and builds around it. I love ground-floor retail. I love that they are putting the parking underground.”

She also let SFGate know that she will be encouraging the developers to construct a space underground to hopefully create a new BART station to go along with the new neighborhood.

“I think it is a really great opportunity to make sure that property is sustainable over the next 50 years,” said Melgar.