SAN FRANCISCO—A 30 year-old man was rescued on Friday, December 16, after falling down a steep cliff in San Francisco’s Oceanside Sea Cliff neighborhood.

According to reports, authorities received a 911 call at approximately 1:00 a.m., stating someone was yelling for help from a cliff.

“It was a difficult rescue. There were 50 mph gusts [of wind], it was wet and it was dark,” said San Francisco Fire Department Battalion Chief Denise Newman.

Newman added that the victim was clinging onto the cliff and calling for help when rescue teams arrived.

He was found nearly 100 feet down the cliff, about 25 feet above crashing waves. Three rescue teams worked together to pull the man to safety; firefighters used a pulley system to haul the man up from the cliff.

The unidentified victim did not suffer any apparent injuries.

“I’ve been told he might have been down there for a couple hours. He’s cold…He’s happy to be alive, ” Newman said.

It’s not clear how the man got stranded on the cliff, but he indicated to officials that he was caught in a high tide.