Striped Bass Invade SF Bay


SAN FRANCISCO—Several enormous schools of striped bass have appeared throughout the northern portion of the San Francisco Bay.

A report by the Department of Fish and Wildlife noted that the striped bass population of the San Francisco Bay has plummeted 99 percent since the 1960s. The species has become returned to the once-decimated waters.

Striped bass
Anglers may only catch two striped bass per day.

Local fishermen are bewildered at the phenomena, as the bass have even been spotted within the confines of local marinas. Though the fish are now being caught at a high-rate, the daily limit for the species is set at two. An appropriate limit considering a January report that the total of juvenile striped bass in local waters was the third-lowest in the past 48 years.

In spite of the current availability, it is important that local anglers respect Fish and Game species limits, which are strictly enforced regardless of the current availability of a species.