50,000 runners participated in the Bay to Breakers race Sunday
50,000 runners participated in the Bay to Breakers race Sunday. Photo courtesy of @tyeschin Twitter page. 

SAN FRANCISCO—The 7.46 mile foot race, Bay to Breakers hit the San Francisco Streets on Sunday, May 17. The legendary race had more than 50,000 participants, who dressed in wild costumes and partied the day away before the celebration began at 8 a.m.

Costumes ranged from vivid colors and wigs,  to team themes, such as “Games of Thrones,” Animal Packs, “Star Wars” or Fast Food Restaurants, to name a few.
Kenyan participants Isaac Mwangi finished first for the men’s division, clocking in at 35 minutes and Jane Kibii finished at just over 40 minutes.
In the past, nudity has been prohibited. This year alcohol consumption was monitored, more portable bathrooms were installed and a heftier police presence was felt throughout the race. “Sobering” areas for drunken participants were installed throughout the course recently and 11 arrests for public intoxication, were made.
Occurring in San Francisco since 1912, runners in San Francisco have danced, walked, and skipped toward the Bay to Breakers finish line, with no dip in participation in sight for years to come.