HOLLYWOOD—Fans of the hit USA series, “Suits” should savor the reminder of season 7 while they can. Why? Well, very soon, all that we have come to love about the series will dramatically change with the departure of Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle as Mike Ross and Rachel Zane respectively. We’ve known for a while that Markle would vacate considering her impending marriage to Prince Harry (in real life), and regarding Mike it only seemed evitable. I mean what would his character do without Rachel in the mix?

We might see a more evolved series with Katherine Heigl set to join the cast for season eight. The mid-season premiere ‘Hard Truths,’ picked up where things left off with that cliffhanger that fans had been waiting to transpire for years: Harvey and Donna sharing that kiss. I mean the two have tap-toed around the issue far longer than I can count, so to see the writers finally address it head on was a ton of fun to watch.

Harvey was speechless about the kiss; even Louis wasn’t able to decipher what was up with his colleague. Complicated is the word of the night, because Paula’s arrival at Harvey’s apartment left him conflicted. Do you continue the relationship you just started or see what could be there with Donna? Harvey made it clear to Donna that another kiss between them could never happen. Uh-oh, it looks like best friends have hit a major rough patch.

Louis informed Harvey that they planned to dissolve the firm in order to wrangle themselves out of the situation involving former partner Jessica Pearson and her possible disbarment. Louis made threats in order to protect the firm; man lawyers can be cruel and downright vicious in order to win and get their ways. Mike was not thrilled to learn that Jessica could be disbarred, which led to fireworks between Harvey and Mike. That is the one thing about Mike that I just can’t gel with; he has an arrogance about him that can rub people the wrong way. He wants to do what is right, not realizing all the time that you have to tweak things a bit to find feeble ground.

Alex called Mike out on wanting to go to war with a long-term client, and issues of loyalty were raised. Looks like friction between Alex and Mike will fester because a seasoned lawyer will always question the motives and instincts of a rising lawyer. Yeah, the synergy between Donna and Harvey is totally off because that interview with a candidate who could have joined the firm was a complete bust. I mean as a viewer I was cringing watching the scene unfold. They hashed out that kiss about 30 minutes into the episode, as there is ‘something’ there between the two friends, but they’re afraid to go. I suspect it’s something that transpired in their past, that viewers still know nothing about.

Go Rachel, you pinpointed the weakness in Mike that he fails to acknowledge: don’t overanalyze every situation because it only creates more issues. Harvey confessed to Paula that Donna kissed him, which led to Paula blowing up on her lover. Sorry Harvey, you don’t get points for telling the truth after skirting the truth to begin with. Mike went to battle with Stanley who wanted him name on the wall otherwise; Jessica’s legacy would go down in flames. Looks like Mike’s hunch was accurate because Rachel found some information that would push that $30 million settlement way higher to the degree of $120 million. Now that is how you win people, quadrupling what you originally planned for. Louis came up with a perfect solution: put out to the press what is already out there about Jessica to begin with. Too bad Harvey wasn’t willing to sell out the woman who made him to the legal eagle that he is today.

Wow, I never expected that in a million years: Mike Ross being made Senior Partner just after becoming a lawyer? Is Harvey crazy? At least Donna had enough sense to realize how problematic that decision would be in the long run. This is a first; Harvey is being honest for a change about his feelings with Donna. Gosh, would these two just make it official already! Harvey is learning what Jessica tried to teach him all his life: sometimes you have to do things that you don’t want to do, not because it’s wrong, but because it stops something from spiraling even bigger.

This must be Harvey’s hour to shine because he didn’t hold back sharing all the details, revealing to Paula that he and Donna slept together in the past. And cue the end of the episode America. I loved the dynamics of this mid-season premiere. Fingers crossed more surprises are along the way. “Suits” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on USA.