HOLLYWOOD—It is hard to believe that the final season of the USA hit series “Suits” has dawned on us. I will admit the series has been dealt a series of blows in recent seasons with fan favorites Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) departing. Losing frontrunners can totally shift the narrative; I mean we also lost the great Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), who is now starring in her own spinoff, “Pearson.”

Season eight ended with perhaps the biggest cliffhanger that fans have been eagerly, and I mean eagerly awaiting years for: the hookup between Harvey and Donna. Yes, fans have known for years that there was always something there between these two, but for reasons unknown that elephant was never addressed until now. It was apparent that Donna and Harvey were aware they were dipping into treacherous waters.

Katrina warned Samantha that the firm was in hot water, just as Harvey and Donna learned from Louis that they have to stand behind Robert Zane and protect his clients. The fact that Louis couldn’t pick up on the fact that his co-workers hooked up was hilarious. Zane’s clients are on the line because of his disbarment. Alex found himself in a precarious situation, where he learned Robert’s name should be removed from the firm. Samantha and Harvey learned that Eric Caldor was spreading bad buzz about the firm and Robert Zane. Eric wanted several of Harvey’s clients to back off on the removal of Zane’s name.

The wildfire is spreading. Louis was ready to play hardball. Interesting, are the writers trying to push a romance between Samantha and Harvey? I am certainly getting that vibe America and to be honest I like the two as a couple. Louis stood up for character, just as Donna and Harvey played telephone. The battle to save Zane’s name was quite exhaustive to me to say the least, but took an interesting turn when clients wanted Samantha ousted from the firm as a sign of loyalty. Louis dropped some tea that raised eyebrows for Samantha about Donna and Harvey.

Alex was thrown an offer to become a managing partner at the firm, but it might ruffle some major feathers along the way. Samantha pegged Harvey and Donna’s relationship, and he was not happy. Harvey decided he wanted to duke it out with Samantha in the boxing ring per Donna’s request. She wailed on Mr. Specter, who really got pummeled in the ring, must say I was surprised to see Harvey throw a few jabs at Wheeler’s face. Katrina tried convincing Alex and Louis that they need to remove Zane’s name off the door. Louis balked, but when he learned that Alex could be forced to become managing partner he was not happy.

I swear this firm has had more name changes and partners come and go than any law firm that I can ever imagine in real life. Louis went to bat for the firm, however, when Harvey and Samantha learned about the possible name change, Samantha was willing to vacate the firm. Harvey was forced to give Eric what he wanted to preserve Zane’s name.

I totally get Samantha’s rage at Harvey and Donna. I mean Donna really should not be in management position because she has made constant mistakes that cause more issues than I can count. Donna and Samantha had a chat about Robert’s legacy. I swear sometimes I love Donna and other times I cannot stand her. The episode culminated with Fay Richardson delivering a court order giving her full control of the law firm, which left Louis speechless. Wow, it looks like we have the new baddie of the season and she looks like a force to reckon with. Just when I was ready to checkout on “Suits” they draw me back in. “Suits” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on USA.