HOLLYWOOD—I will admit the first half of season 7 of “Suits” did not have me as enthralled as in the past. I figured the show might have some adjustments to make with the departure of Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson. However, after the dust finally settled the last few episodes really ramped things back where I’ve come to expect for a series that delivers legal jargon like no other. The season seven mid-season finale amply titled, ‘Donna’ sure delivered some surprises for fans of Donna and Harvey.

Things kicked off with Harvey prepping for court, concerned about Donna being placed on the witness stand. It was apparent his nerves were getting the best of him. As viewers we got a flashback to Robert and his sister, Jasmine regarding the repeated harassment of her employer that left her in a place of despair. Rachel delivered an argument that may work towards their advantage, just as Louis proved once again why he is one the best, showing work privilege as a reason that Donna could not be called to testify on the stand. Mike worried per usual, just as Alex showed prowess and Harvey and company was stunned when Donna was called to the stand by Andrew Malek.

Donna seemed to be fitty while under the stand, and the pressure was without doubt getting to her, and Mike and Harvey were on the verge of exploding. Donna crumbled just as Harvey and the firm was dealt a devastating blow. Hmm, might not have been a bad thing for Louis to put Donna through the ringer to have a plan B just in case something went array.

So as we expected Robert put his career over family, and is now regretting not taking on his sister’s case in her time of need. Louis teamed up with Alex to help him on his case, just as Mike and Harvey went digging for the writer who crafted a memo that was not accurate. Harvey was stunned to discover that memo leak came directly from someone who knows both him and Mike personally. Friction erupted between Rachel and her father, as she spoke a bit of sense about her father letting his emotions get the best of him. He wanted vengeance for his sister, and Rachel decided to take the blow.

Donna lashed out at Louis for not helping her and Malek making her look like a fool. Louis has been dealt multiple emotional blows this season, but I think this one might sting the most for the erratic attorney. Alex was worried about the Gould case, and Louis decided a bluff might be a strategy that could actually work, just as Donna went to Holly to angle a way to help the firm. Things might have to get dirty to get the results they want. Rachel and Robert went toe-to-toe bringing Alicia Taylor into the mix to get under the skin of Arthur during their deposition.

Hmm, Arthur was able to get underneath Richard’s skin, and I was screaming at the TV screen, because Rachel predicted this and Arthur came out winning, while Richard crashed and burned possibly tanking the case. Donna confessed to Harvey that she was able to get leverage on Holly and that Malek was about to suffer a massive blow he least expected. I’m loving these flashbacks; they are explaining quite a bit about Richard and how his character has evolved over time. I know plenty of people who know me who hate the character Rachel, but I absolutely love her. There is something about her wisdom that attracts me to that character.

Whoa, that is a game changer! Mike advocated for Donna to share with Harvey how she truly feels about him. Harvey and Mike confronted Malek about his admission of fake evidence into the courtroom. Malek was pressured and started to crack the same way that he forced Donna to. Oh, it was juicy TV to see Harvey get one up on his enemy. Richard and Rachel delivered a blow to Arthur and his board that gave them the win they righteously deserved. Victories all around people, cause Mike and Harvey got a win against Malek as well.

Alex found himself graveling at Eli Gould who wanted Alex to return to his original firm (with all his clients in play), and Alex got his former employer to confess everything on tape. That is the one thing I love about “Suits,’ just when you think there is no way to get out a situation, there always is America! Malek decided to go after Jessica Pearson and get her disbarred, and when Jessica showed up at Harvey’s apartment he was ready to fight. Jessica didn’t want to put up a fight, and was finally ready for her name to be removed from the wall. So Pearson, Specter and Litt, would now become Specter and Litt. Have to say it makes sense, it’s long overdue.

Just when we thought no more bombs could be dropped in the summer finale, Louis apologized to Donna about failing her. Wow, even Louis knows about the sparks between Donna and Harvey. Louis’ advice to Donna was sound; make a move on Harvey before it’s too late, and the kiss we’ve been waiting for finally happened. Harvey was shell shocked to say the least, and that’s what I call a cliffhanger people. Ugh, I hate mid-season finales because now, we have to wait till Winter 2018 to see how everything plays out “Suits” fanatics!