HOLLYWOOD—After months of patiently waiting for the reveal that should have occurred nearly a year ago, the truth is out of the bag about the paternity of Sully on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” Sharon has been keeping up a massive façade for weeks about the true parentage of her ‘son’ Sully, but this week the walls came crashing down in epic fashion.

Patty, who seems to always find herself in the midst of chaos during sweeps, made a phone call to Nick revealing that Sully is actually Christian and Sharon has been raising his child as her own. So thank God for that phone call, as we no longer have to worry about what Patty will do next because her leverage is gone. This left Nick fuming, as he wondered if Patty was playing with his mind or not. Nick has dealt with a lot in the last year, the loss of a child, the loss of Sage; his life has been spiraling out of control. However, he would have NEVER grieved for a child if he knew the truth people! Yes, Christian is not Nick’s son, he belongs to ADAM.

Nick confronted Sharon, who for once in her life finally told the truth as she realized that she could no longer keep the secret. He tore into her like he has done in the past. He might hate Sharon now, but trust me, when it is revealed that Chelsea and Victor kept the secret from him that Christian is actually Adam’s son and not his, man expect some explosive fireworks (my gut tells me this won’t happen till either February or May sweeps people).

Chelsea and Victor even chatted about this development, but decided to shield the truth from being disclosed to Nick (for the sake of doing the right thing). For once, figure this out: a lie always finds a way to make its way to the surface no matter how hard you attempt to cover things up. Just ask Dylan, this guy has been hoodwinked not once, but now twice by women who have passed off children as his, that weren’t actually his. First, it was Chelsea who rocked his world, now it’s his wife Sharon, who has betrayed him. If I were Dylan I might swear off women at this point; I mean how much can 1 guy take before he finds himself in a white jacket.

Mariah better prepare for a backlash because when the town learns her involvement in this secret, she might not have too many friends, especially Nick and Dylan who will want to know why she helped Sharon keep up the charade. Kevin has moved on with Chloe, too bad he has not discovered she was responsible for Adam’s untimely ‘demise,’ and we still have NO CLUE who Bella’s father is (Kevin or Billy or someone else)? Chloe did a good job covering with Chelsea about that nightmare she suffered about Adam, but that secret is certain to be revealed, and we might finally see Chelsea turn her back once and for all on her BFF.

A storyline that should perhaps be swept under the rug is this agenda that Jack and Phyllis have in hopes of taking down the great Victor Newman. I mean this is a man, who has escaped all odds. I mean he was in jail recently and found a way to meander himself out of that pickle. Could Jack really take down his foe? Probably, if he was willing to utilize a bullet to do so! Billy is still chasing after Phyllis, who wants nothing to do with him. I swear it looks like the stage is being set for Billy and Victoria to reunite people.

Sharon’s life is indeed in disarray people, but she has been known to be a survivor. However, this time around I’m not so sure she’ll be able to bounce back from losing her husband, her ex-husband, her youngest daughter and the son that she has grown attached to. Her mental state will be tested and it’ll be interesting to see if Sharon ends up in the psych ward alongside Patty herself. So with a massive baby switch story finally out in the open, what other surprises could “Y&R” be planning to deliver for viewers during sweeps!