SAN FRANCISCO—A 4,700 square feet property nicknamed the “Mayor’s Mansion” has gone on the market as of Saturday, April 24 for $11,850,000. The house once belonged to once mayor of San Francisco, James “Sunny Jim” Rolph who served as mayor longer than anyone else in the city’s history.  

Rolph served as mayor of San Francisco from January 8, 1912 to January 6, 1931 when he resigned to become Governor of California. Rolph served as governor until his death on June 2, 1934.

The mansion is a Tudor Style Revival home which consists of steeply pitched gable roofs, masonry chimneys and embellished doorways. The mansion has received a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification making it a certified “green home.” 

The mansion is located on 3690 21st Street on top of Liberty Hill and is being listed by CalTech after the previous owner of the property passed away and left the property to the school, according to SFGate.  The house has two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, two half bathrooms in the main house and also has a one bedroom, one bathroom guest house.