UNITED STATES—It is one of the most watched events that happens every single year, I’m referring to the Super Bowl. There is something about football that brings people together and everyone wants to tune in to watch. For 2024, the big game is happening in the city of sin, Las Vegas, and you better believe there will be plenty of hangovers, chaos and mayhem along the way leading up to the big game. If you haven’t already gotten a ticket to the big game, good luck, because prices are clocking in at the low end of $8,000 and I don’t even want to guess the most expensive cost of a ticket.

When it comes to flights, good luck there, as well as finding a hotel room that is not costing you less than $300 to $400 a night on the low end, if not more. I can imagine those hotel rates spiking even more as we near the end of the week because the hotels know you’re going to spend the money to celebrate. Vegas is already known as the party capital of the world, so imagine the food, cuisine and so much more the cost for a weekend in Vegas during the Super Bowl is simply going to be gargantuan people.

With that said, the TV ads are already starting to roll out. I don’t understand this! Why are the companies releasing these ads before the big game? It takes away from the buzz and let’s be honest the big game is never that entertaining, most people watch the game for the ads. If you know all the ads that are premiering in advance of the game, what makes you want to tune in? I think that is a bad call for the advertisers who are spending nearly $7 million for a 30 second spot. Let me repeat that, $7 million for a 30 second TV spot.

With that said, the food and the drinks are on the table. The Super Bowl party it is big in many households, but for me not so much in 2024. I was rooting for the Detroit Lions, and they didn’t make the cut this year, so it literally yanked all the momentum and excitement I had about a week ago. The Kansas City Chiefs have been to the Super Bowl four times, and it seems in the past five to six years they’ve been there almost every single time. I don’t want to watch a Super Bowl where the same team or teams are constantly battling against one another; it doesn’t make the game that exciting.

We shall all be honest the actual football game itself is not that interesting, you tend to know who is going to win within the first quarter or two of the game. In addition, the halftime shows which used to be fun, but so many performers as of late are not really delivering. Last year’s show was a bore fest. I’m sorry Rihanna was pregnant, and she shouldn’t have performed if she couldn’t deliver her best. I think instead of searching for the big star of today, the execs at the Super Bowl can actually focus on getting musical icons of the 70s, 80s and early 90s, not so much those who are potent in the 2000s and beyond.

Will I watch the Super Bowl? Probably, but I will say I will not be as invested in the game as I have been in the past. It will be more like background noise if I have to be fully honest.

Written By Davy Jones