SAN FRANCISCO—Supervisor Ahsha Safai announced that his car was broken into on Thursday, March 11.

Safai is the supervisor of San Francisco’s District 11, and is part of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

“Theft and burglary in this City has been emboldened and rampant,” Safai stated. The supervisor was on a call for a hearing to review the rise of shoplifting and theft in the city’s small businesses and “anchor stores” like Walgreens, Safeway, and CBS.

Safai said that many that are involved in auto break-ins have underlying substance abuse issues.

“We have to compel people into treatment and not let them walk away after arrest with no treatment options,” he stated.

He added that “we cannot just turn a blind eye.”

San Francisco’s City Hall is located on Goodlett Place. Safai’s District 11 contains Ocean View, Excelsior, Ingleside, and Visitacion Valley.