Surveillance Footage Leads To Arrest

Surveillance footage shows the suspect walking past “Robert” several times before attacking him.

SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Police Department has arrested a man accused of viciously beating a homeless man with a metal rod in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood.

Aiding in the arrest was surveillance footage that pictured the suspect walking up and down Larkin Street several times on April 1  before bludgeoning a regular transient man with such force that he was knocked completely from his chair.

WARNING: The video, shown below, is extremely graphic.

News of the arrest of 35-year-old Arthur Lee Jones, of Fairfield, did not break until Lee was formally charged with attempted murder on Monday, April l6. According to the SFPD, Jones was arrested on the very corner where the beating took place.

The victim, a regular transient in the area known as “Robert,” was given 50 stitches to help repair the wound inflicted by the metal rod Jones allegedly bashed into his skull.

Robert lost a substantial quantity of blood, initial reports indicate that he is responsive to both visitors and medical professionals.