HOLLYWOOD—So it was apparent the rift between Shan and DeShawn was building in the latest episode of “Survivor 41.” This week’s episode, ‘Baby With A Machine Gun’ made it clear that Shan is a huge threat to win the game, and I would 100 percent agree. She has been playing this game strong and Erika sees that and as a result she wanted to make a strike against Shan and utilized DeShawn as a tool, which worried Shan. Both Shan and DeShawn had a tough conversation about wanting to win the game, but also wanting to do it for the Black community.

Yes, this is a dichotomy one that we recently witnessed on “Big Brother 23” where the first Black person in 22 seasons won the game. That hasn’t been the same in “Survivor” because we have had several Blacks victorious in the game. During a reward challenge, it was Ricard who was victorious people and he chose Shan and Heather who haven’t won a reward, which I can understand. He also chose Xander, so it appears that Ricard NOT picking Danny hurt his feelings. The strategy in this game is complicated, as Danny wanted to target Ricard and not because he was a ‘player,’ but because he didn’t get chosen as a reward.

Wow, it was apparent that Liana was concerned about making the move and Danny and DeShawn were not just ok with the move, they were very cocky at the same time. Ricard and Shan bonded on their friendship and it was apparent, they both realize they are threats to each other’s game. I respect that they see that and they know that.

Shan and Liana had a chat about their goals in the game. Their bond is super strong and it’s great and emotional to see it at the same time. Liana broke down in tears as she informed Shan that Danny and DeShawn wanted to blindside her. Shan’s instinct was right and it is apparent that the foursome is over, there trust doesn’t exist. Shan dropped that bomb on Ricard who was not expecting that news.

Immunity would be crucial this week as the winner or who doesn’t win can determine who is sent packing people. Balance was the name of the game for one to be victorious. So it was Ricard, Shan, Xander and DeShawn battling for the win. Jeez, if Jeff stopped talking it would be so easy for the players to focus. Xander, Ricard were the remaining players fighting for the win, but Ricard did exactly what he said he would do and earned that victory. Oh, that victory was so bittersweet. He is player you want to root for and you are rooting for.

Wow, Ricard wanted to make that move to get Shan out of the game. Ricard is playing the game; he wanted Shan out and utilized DeShawn as ammunition to get her out of the game. Wow, this game is about to be dirty as hell. Erika was concerned about being a target, and it was apparent everyone wanted to vote for Shan and Liana and spilt things. Danny spotted things and he realized that Erika was smarter than he expected and it might be a gamble to play with. I mean Ricard is playing, Danny is playing, DeShawn is playing, Erika is playing. This is going to be an exciting Tribal Council people.

I’ve prepared myself for some fireworks and I’m hoping the audience gets some people. Ok, it might just be me, but it seemed like Shan was picking up on some bad energy or that something might be afoot, not to mention DeShawn and Danny’s odd statements. I seriously don’t know who is going home tonight for the very first time this season so that is a good thing in my book people; a very good thing, as I don’t like predictability.

The votes are about to be read and it looks like Shan is about to be blindsided. It was a tied between Liana and Shan and it was apparent that Shan realized that she was blindsided by Ricard, Danny and DeShawn. This was truly a devastating blindside. It was apparent that Danny and DeShawn are going to have a problem winning a jury vote. This is interesting, cannot wait to see next week’s episode to see who’s the casualty and how they are taken out of the game and Jeff noted a twist and it’s a dangerous one, which makes me think not one, but two people might be heading home.